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This is quiet unfortunate. However, I was going to make a purchase online for my annual spring maintenance.

Come to find out my card was closed on April 1, 2022.

I spoke to customer service and it was conveyed that correspondence was sent via email. I have seen comments, that I am not the only one. My concern is, I have used my account, secondly, there was zero reason to close it.

I hope they understand that those who are feds, this harms our credit when a action is taken, especially when a cierran e has to be maintained.

This is usuary at its best folks.

Proves these systems are nothing more that chains that bind the public, to a system designed to take advantage and lie to the public.

However, my educated perspective. Thanks Synchrony bank, I have one more payment and my bonds from you are broken.

Now just to warn the public of the type of institution you truly are.

Preferred solution: I’m good. .

Location: Vienna, Virginia

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