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Synchrony Bank is single handedly destroying everything that credit builders/rebuilders work so *** hard to achieve with their greedy Mickey Mouse system. In a world where credit scores determine so many futures and outcomes, you're better off WITHOUT Synchrony Bank.

(Especially if you're trying to increase your scores to the 700-800 range.) Don't believe me? Do a little research before accepting a new line of credit from them. They close accounts in good standing due to lack of use/no use...WITHOUT NOTICE! = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

They decrease credit limits due to a lack of regular spending. = Increases credit utilization = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Their entire operation is a designed to FAIL the consumer. It may be in their terms and conditions, but believe me when I say that it doesn't matter how meticulous you are with paying bills, if you're not utilizing a fair amount of your credit lines issued, they will take them away, ultimately leaving you with the very thing you want to avoid with revolving credit accounts.

(high credit utilization) If you think you're doing a good job by maintaining a zero balance, think again. They will close the account. WITHOUT NOTICE and not even think twice about because it's automated. Closed CC Accounts = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

My experience? CareCredit limit reduced by $1500 to only $500 due to lack of regular spending or use...it's F'ing CareCredit! (I used it only for vet services.) Their response..."If you can find a Rite Aid, you can use it like a credit card." Unfortunately, I don't shop at Rite Aid. I never have.

Nor do I have any plans on doing so anytime soon if at all and I'm certainly not going to drive around looking for one just to keep my CARECREDIT account alive. That would be absurd. Another response was, "You can request a credit line increase." = HARD INQUIRY...NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Baers Furniture Card 1K closed due to lack of use.

They proposed that I reapply. Doing so would add a hard inquiry. = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON CREDIT SCORE! Yes, I'm pissed.

That's because building your credit score up is not easy and when these unnecessary changes happen, they can quickly drop your score and entire scoring category. (Very Good - Good or Fair - Good, etc.) While in the real world this may not seem like a big deal, I assure you that it most certainly is in the credit scoring world. It's one thing to decrease credit lines and close accounts to those who fail to pay their bills. However, it's another altogether to do it to those who meet and exceed payment expectations on a monthly basis.

Those who do a good job should be rewarded.

Their practices are unacceptable. I'm looking forward to a class action lawsuit.

Review about: Carecredit Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Terrible company. I paid off QVC card then they closed the account.

They reduced my credit limits after each payment.

Today I found out they closed my Lowe's account, stating that it's due to my credit. Well you closed one account of mines of course my credit score will drop.


The worst company by far!!! I have numerous credit cards and this company is by far the shadiest! I refuse to pay anymore on this acct

to Christina Donna-Maria Hudman #1503094

See ya in a few months when you're back whining about them sending you out to collections. You chose to get a bunch of store cards, now is the time to pay the price for your lack of vision.


Just recently found out through credit karma that my Lowes CC account was closed. Went and checked status on Lowes app and CC limit dragged down to 0.

No warning via email, phone call, text or mail. Credit 716, 728, 728....Never missed a payment, Never had a late payment. Carried a $1,700 balance on a $4,800 limit. Paid it down to 1,480 then limit dropped down to that amount.

So I figured usage was to high, so I paid balance in full.

Month later....Account closed...How does this make any business sense to close an active account..Its a *** Lowes card...They act like there is a Lowes store on every corner to make sure you have a daily spending habit. Syn....get a life and stop ripping people off.

to Nick #1502020

It makes perfect business sense. If you're not using the card the way they want you to use it, they're going to drop your limit and send it to someone who will use it.

If you sit around on $0.00 too long, they will shut you down completely and send your limit to another sucker to use and get into debt.People whining and talking about suing have zero clue on how credit cards work and what they can and can't do.Google up 6 reasons why an issuer may close your card and learn.Do not get single store cards hoping to boost your credit. It won't work very long.


I am having the exact same issue, they have lowered the limit or closed accounts in good standing and it has significantly affected my credit score. I would be willing to be included in a class action lawsuit against them, their actions are criminal!


We made a loan for solar panels and at the same time we had a roof replaced due to hail damage. We paid cash for the roof.

However, Synchrony Bank paid over 15,000 dollars for something we never received. They ruined our credit and now they insist it was for roofing. If you looked at my roof you would have to be stupid to pay 15,000 for it. Besides USAA paid for the roofing through our insurance.

Who did they give the 15,000 to and what account. It was not us. Then they cancelled two credit cards because they were with Synchrony Bank. One card they kept giving us a check because we were over paying on the account.They never checked with us whether the job was complete or even done.

They made a BIG mistake. We have a check proving we paid for the roof.

So where is the 15,000? Class action suite to follow


I called to get my account number to log in (because I have no trace of bills-I had ebills set up, which I don’t ever remember setting up). They told me they couldn’t get it to me and asked my name (for the third time in a row).

I told them they already asked, and the person said that they didn’t believe I was the card holder.

After telling them I wanted to speak to supervisor, I was transferred to a non-supervisor, whom informed me that someone called and told them I was DECEASED. That is illegal!


Every thing mentioned in this post has happened to me. These practices should not be legal.

A class action lawsuit is in order. I have read post after post claiming the same unfair practice, how can this be legal? I have not researched enough to determine the full legality, however, plan to do dig into this issue further. If these practices are legal it is time to change them.

Synchrony bank offers credit through too many outlets to behave in this manner.

It is almost impossible to avoid having credit lines with them due to the number of businesses they service. Consumers should not be punished for paying their bills and having low balances, especially when the credit bureaus say that is exactly what you should do.

to RD #1489499

"avoid having credit lines"It's easy. Pay cash and only get what you can afford at the time.

Stop using these store cards as a crutch that props up your credit. Fix the other stuff and your credit score gains will be real and not based on something that could stop in a second's notice.Also if you're silly enough to keep one of these card, you best use it and often or they'll take away your credit line and find someone even sillier to give it to in an effort to bury them in interest.P.S.Yes it's legal but you aren't going to do a darn thing about it. You're too busy worrying about football players kneeling, who marries whom and the daily tweet drama coming out of Washington while falling for the divide and conquer tactics.If you're not distracted, you're told to hate the next man for no real reason.

Imagine what would happen if y'all banded together.Believe me, THEY KNOW what would happen. That's the real reason for the daily nonsense.


I am going through the same situation. Payments on time, always pay more than the minimum, just completed a refi on my house and daughter started college.

I made 4 purchases, laptop for my daughter, new PC, 2 tires and a washer as my old one died.

Upped my credit usage but no other impact. All of a sudden they drop my limits and close 2 accounts that I had not used, Toys R Us and Lowes and my % of credit used jumps and score drops.Called customer service and while the girl was very polite basically said nothing you can do.Looking for ways not to drop the matter.Any thoughts ?

to JB77 #1481463

"that I had not used, Toys R Us and Lowes"Thoughts? You said it yourself.

They closed you down because you aren't using their cards. Banks only have so much credit to give, if you're not using it they'll cut you and give it to someone else. It's that simple. Use it or lose it.As far as utilization is concerned, that's only about 35% of your score.

IF your credit is about anything, something like this shouldn't hurt you that much. Bottom line, they're for the $$ not to boost your score.


ABSOLUTELY! My husband received a notice this year on a card from 2012 saying they would terminate unless used.

He was able to log into his account (mind you he hadn't used it since 2014) and get al of his information. I said, hmmm odd I didn't also get this letter as we both applied for our cards at the same time in the dental office to pay for my daughter's braces. I attempt to log in and no account information found. I call customer service and am told my account was terminated in 2014.

I ask why I was not notified, why my husbands account was not terminated. I explained we both applied for and paid off our accounts at the exact same time, I know because I set up the autopay. She said "we sent a letter in 2014", I said I never received the letter and why wouldn't my husband have also gotten one? Why did his wait until 2018?

How do you pick and chose whose account you will close and when? Could not answer my question. Said do you want a copy of this letter from 2014.

Seriously? I'm not an idiot, I can create a letter that looks like ti is from 2014, unless you have a certified receipt don't bother, it means nothing.

to Lauren #1477360

"he hadn't used it since 2014"How many more reasons do you need. If you're not using it, you're out of here.

They cut you off so they could move your line to someone else who will make them money. CC companies only can put out so much credit.Please don't tell me your credit score(utilization) is based on a bunch of store cards...If you're going to have plastic in your pocket you must use it or they will close you down and give you line to someone who will actually use it and make them money.It's not personal....It's business.

to Anonymous #1490060

The point is her husband, the man, had the exact same card at the same time and they allowed his account to stay open 4 more years. There's the lawsuit.

If they can't explain why 2 cards opened at the same time, same amount, paid off the same time, with a four year closure discrepancy and the only difference between the accounts was one was a man and one was a woman, I'd say she's got a discrimination case. Winning it is another story but she could make trouble for them.

to Dave #1490194

Where's the lawsuit? Review the 2009 Credit Card Reform act.

They don't have to let you know if they're closing down a card.

They do have to let you know if the terms are changing. That's it.They don't have to explain anything but more than likely they cut off the card so they can move the credit limit to someone else who will actually use it and make them money.Rather than posting here, and getting a boat load of "it happened to me" comments, they and everyone else should simply Google "why was my credit card closed?" There you will find the real reason which is business not personal.6 REASONS WHY AN ISSUER MAY CLOSE YOUR CARDYou don't use the card.You've breached the card account terms.You don't agree to new account terms.You’ve left a trail of insufficient payments or bad checks.Your financial status has changed.The issuer is canceling the card.


I totally agree! I'm sitting here in tears because they just took my thousand dollar payment and the lowered my limit to where I only have $98 available.

I have been working so hard to clean up my credit and they just single handedly ruined everything! I can't even believe it! ....

All of that money is just gone! Oh my god!

to Anonymous #1490057

It's not gone. It's in the merchandise and services that you bought on their dime.

You're paying them back. But it's bad business for them. Likely you would have ended up skyrocketing that balance right back to the top in the long run. Most people do.

If they *** people off like this not only will they lose money from that account, they'll lose it every time they see the Synchrony pop up when they go to make a major purchase and require financing. No way they will sign up with them again.


Synchrony Bank are crooks! My Wal-Mart credit account was compromised and several attempts and purchases for plane tickets were made on it.

I discovered it the same day it happened, called their customer service and had the account closed. They sent me a new card with a new account while they investigated the fraudulent charges. They knew that any purchases made on or after the date I closed the account were not made by me. After their investigation, they found me not liable for the purchased that were made.

But, one month after being informed of that, they put one of the fraudulent amounts back on my balance, then lowered my credit limit which put me over the limit! I've been trying to get them to correct this issue to no avail and I've also asked for several copies of all my account statements on several different occasions and the copies I received that are from around the day this all happened are all showing different amounts! If they did this on purpose to confuse and frustrate the heck out of me, they've done a good job, but they also made a big mistake by doing that because now I have a paper trail of proof of their shadyness and crookedness! They have also raised my interest rate 5 times within the last two years starting one month after these fraudulent charges were made.

I never missed a single payment with them always paying more than the minimum payment.

They say they found me not liable, but just by their lowering my credit limit and raising the interest rate so high on my account, I've basically paid for all those fraudulent charges that were made plus a lot more! These Crooks need to be shut down for good!


They closed my Lowes account even though I only used 26%, never missed a payment & was never late.....its not just Carecredit! Don't trust synchrony bank!!!!!

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