Synchrony Bank is single handedly destroying everything that credit builders/rebuilders work so *** hard to achieve with their greedy Mickey Mouse system. In a world where credit scores determine so many futures and outcomes, you're better off WITHOUT Synchrony Bank.

(Especially if you're trying to increase your scores to the 700-800 range.) Don't believe me? Do a little research before accepting a new line of credit from them. They close accounts in good standing due to lack of use/no use...WITHOUT NOTICE! = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

They decrease credit limits due to a lack of regular spending. = Increases credit utilization = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Their entire operation is a designed to FAIL the consumer. It may be in their terms and conditions, but believe me when I say that it doesn't matter how meticulous you are with paying bills, if you're not utilizing a fair amount of your credit lines issued, they will take them away, ultimately leaving you with the very thing you want to avoid with revolving credit accounts.

(high credit utilization) If you think you're doing a good job by maintaining a zero balance, think again. They will close the account. WITHOUT NOTICE and not even think twice about because it's automated. Closed CC Accounts = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

My experience? CareCredit limit reduced by $1500 to only $500 due to lack of regular spending or use...it's *** CareCredit! (I used it only for vet services.) Their response..."If you can find a Rite Aid, you can use it like a credit card." Unfortunately, I don't shop at Rite Aid. I never have.

Nor do I have any plans on doing so anytime soon if at all and I'm certainly not going to drive around looking for one just to keep my CARECREDIT account alive. That would be absurd. Another response was, "You can request a credit line increase." = HARD INQUIRY...NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Baers Furniture Card 1K closed due to lack of use.

They proposed that I reapply. Doing so would add a hard inquiry. = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON CREDIT SCORE! Yes, I'm pissed.

That's because building your credit score up is not easy and when these unnecessary changes happen, they can quickly drop your score and entire scoring category. (Very Good - Good or Fair - Good, etc.) While in the real world this may not seem like a big deal, I assure you that it most certainly is in the credit scoring world. It's one thing to decrease credit lines and close accounts to those who fail to pay their bills. However, it's another altogether to do it to those who meet and exceed payment expectations on a monthly basis.

Those who do a good job should be rewarded.

Their practices are unacceptable. I'm looking forward to a class action lawsuit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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865 680 **** Ref Class Action Lawsuit Lets DO IT No Joke Ray

@Priest Fun

LoL. You agreed to arbitration. You serial dead beats and fools that play the credit utilization game love the notion of quick money.

@Priest Fun

I submitted my complaints to my state attorney general's office

@Priest Fun

Fake Nonsense...Anyone signing up for one of these cards agreed to arbitration. This is a way to get fools to call in to lord knows what.


These agreements can and should be challenged in court!


They did the same exact thing to me. It took me monthes just to get my score back up to a 600 because they messed my credit so much.


They are terrible!


I totally agree. They're customer service is crap. I did a dispute through them and they sided with the business, even though the business had misleading information.


This bank has the WORST customer "service" I've ever encountered!!! What a SHAME that PayPal chose to switch to their service!!!

@O. P

I had an Amazon card that uses Synchrony Bank and I was never late on my payments but my balance as high, roughly $2500 I decided to pay off my balance because I was buying a house. Well, after paying the balance off Synchrony bank lowered my limit to $200 which affected my credit score which could have created a major problem for me.

When I called and asked why, they said based on my debit ratio. Grant it I had the same debit ratio when I applied for the card. A matter of fact my score is better now than before. I think they were expecting me to still have the same high balance and it was by sheer luck that the same day I paid off the balance was the same day they lowered my limit.

I would have been paying a significant amount of money in over limit fees had I not paid it off. I have since then stopped using all credit cards associated with Synchrony Bank.


I agree we need to sue Synchrony Bank for asking customers too send out there personal information thru the mail they are behind on technology and the customer is paying for that because they do not want to spend money and upgrade there systems.please email if this has affected you in any kind of way. waltd7208@***.com

@Egan Bqu

A couple of things, you can't sue them. Read what you signed when you joined this thing.

Secondly, why in the @#$# would anyone send anything to a .gmail account based on a post that appears to have been written by a 5th grade drop out? These message boards are rife with people wanting to scam the desperate, ignorant and silly by dangling "free" class action money in front of them.


Ty for your respond but wise person I have not signed my name to anything get facts be4 you start down grading someone else's education and if you have a issue with the domain then put your real address on hear and I will have my attorney directly write too you


A couple of things. It's "Before" not be4.

Secondly, it's "here" not hear.

If you're unable to put together a non-run on sentence rife with misspellings(including the original post), why would anyone send anything to a free email? Your messages come off as totally unprofessional at best.


Wallmart /care credit , through them no matter what you pay each mo they will charge you a residuals amount , so your bill will acualy increase regardless , big scam ,


I completely agree. Please contact me if one has been started colleennatali@***.com


They have lowered THREE of my cards in the last month for NO reason when I've been paying well over the minimum payment reducing my credit score. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM AND WILL NEVER EVER USE THEIR CARDS AGAIN!!


help this bank is putting my payments on credit accounts i do not own ? :)


I agree 100% I have an Amazon Store Credit card which is a Synchrony Bank issued credit line and I happen to maintain my minimum payment each month because I have made no purchases on the card since 2016. Come to find out their fees and additional costs to even own the card are more than the minimum payment can cover so over the last two years [yes my fault for not watching the account that I was not using] the balance rose to over $1000 and the minimum was not covering it.

I have never heard of this happening and its not the only account I maintain minimum on and there is no balance on those accounts at all. I refuse to pay $1000 simply for fees on what was once a zero balance account.


A class action lawsuit about these practices should be filed. Go to top class actions website and start it there. I'd gladly join.

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