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Synchrony Bank is single handedly destroying everything that credit builders/rebuilders work so *** hard to achieve with their greedy Mickey Mouse system.In a world where credit scores determine so many futures and outcomes, you're better off WITHOUT Synchrony Bank.

(Especially if you're trying to increase your scores to the 700-800 range.) Don't believe me? Do a little research before accepting a new line of credit from them. They close accounts in good standing due to lack of use/no use...WITHOUT NOTICE! = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

They decrease credit limits due to a lack of regular spending. = Increases credit utilization = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Their entire operation is a designed to FAIL the consumer. It may be in their terms and conditions, but believe me when I say that it doesn't matter how meticulous you are with paying bills, if you're not utilizing a fair amount of your credit lines issued, they will take them away, ultimately leaving you with the very thing you want to avoid with revolving credit accounts.

(high credit utilization) If you think you're doing a good job by maintaining a zero balance, think again. They will close the account. WITHOUT NOTICE and not even think twice about because it's automated. Closed CC Accounts = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

My experience? CareCredit limit reduced by $1500 to only $500 due to lack of regular spending or's F'ing CareCredit! (I used it only for vet services.) Their response..."If you can find a Rite Aid, you can use it like a credit card." Unfortunately, I don't shop at Rite Aid. I never have.

Nor do I have any plans on doing so anytime soon if at all and I'm certainly not going to drive around looking for one just to keep my CARECREDIT account alive. That would be absurd. Another response was, "You can request a credit line increase." = HARD INQUIRY...NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Baers Furniture Card 1K closed due to lack of use.

They proposed that I reapply. Doing so would add a hard inquiry. = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON CREDIT SCORE! Yes, I'm pissed.

That's because building your credit score up is not easy and when these unnecessary changes happen, they can quickly drop your score and entire scoring category. (Very Good - Good or Fair - Good, etc.) While in the real world this may not seem like a big deal, I assure you that it most certainly is in the credit scoring world. It's one thing to decrease credit lines and close accounts to those who fail to pay their bills. However, it's another altogether to do it to those who meet and exceed payment expectations on a monthly basis.

Those who do a good job should be rewarded.

Their practices are unacceptable.I'm looking forward to a class action lawsuit.

Review about: Carecredit Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.


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We had automatic payments with them and i have never missed a payment in 12 yrs always have money in the bank.1st they hit me with a late paymentWhich dropped my score from 755 to 630.After calling them and getting a letter to Credit Karma.It was reversed.But after a few months they did it again.So i decided to payoff my loan of $5500 to these assholes.And Credit Karna had a lawsuit against them and we are in it.


Pay us or die ?...

sounds like all they are missing is a mask and a gun.Your credit rating should not be so shaky that a paid off zero balance will have such a serious effect on your number ; I understand that cutting up credit cards can often have a temporary negative effect because , as you stated, you are now using a greater percentage of your existing credit.ADVICE : Pay them off anyways ; you don't need the hassle : slowly begin to cut back your use of credit except for your primary mortgage and possibly one car payment / lease setup, keep one credit card which you use regularly but sparingly.


Dirtbag organization with all GE losers running it


"credit builders/rebuilders work so *** hard to achieve "Now hear this. This credit card company or any other for that matter aren't in the credit building business.If you get a boat load of credit cards as part of scheme to raise your credit score based on your credit utilization, you're asking for trouble.Sooner or later the bubble will pop.They're in the business of making money by your using their cards and not paying them off all the time.They will also from time to time go out and see you're pulling the same scam with other lenders and cut their losses before you go wild and create bad debt.Remember utilization is only 35%(I believe) of the pie. If the rest is out of order and they see it, you're toast.As an FYI, no credit card company has to tell you that they're going to shut you down.


I’ve experienced the same thing with them, All cards were paid on time or had zero balances.I had 4 cards closed with no warning.

The impact of this was loosing 100 points in a credit score. I worked so hard rebuilding my credit and now it’s ruined again through no fault of my own.

There must be some legal help for us.Class action lawsuit ???Totally unscrupulous tactics.


Same boat.I called them asking why they randomly closed 3 of my c.c processed through them..

same thing, not using them enough..or care crefit was at 1700.00, they dropped it down to 500.00 because I was paying it off. Wal-Mart card they closed all together, WHY? Heck if I know. Pissed me off too.

I think a class action lawsuit should happen with them.I'm ready.


They manipulate the principle so your debt grows if you do automated payments.


I totally agree.I have NEVER missed a payment and always paid on time with all of my accounts including Synchrony Bank.

They are in bed with a variety of store merchants which makes this especially painful.

I have had at least 5 cards reduced and/or closed with no prior warning!!

My score has dropped nearly 100 points because of what is perceived to be high overall utilization (Which Synchrony Bank has caused due to their total disregard of their customers good history.)!!

I have no recourse at this point and awaiting complaint response from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and BBB!

Shame on you Synchrony Bank and your cronies.We shall have our day in court.


That was a pretty good, and accurate analysis, on, Synchony Credit.Also, you said you used they're service for vet bills.

Even animals, can be victims These people don't even understand, customer service, and can't even supplyintellegent, Americans to answer the're phones. Lowe's, Walmart, JC. Penny, and others, who use Synchrony Services should start protecting they're customers, and get a new financial service. Wake up, FTC.

and investigate this corrupt bank.Yes, a class action suit, might be in order.

to Anonymous #1447123

sp. : "their" phones, not "the're" phones - there is no such word as you stated ; and it isn't : "they're" customers, it is "their customers".If anyone besides Synchrony needs to wake up - it's YOU - to catch the bus to school for remedial English courses.

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