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Synchrony Bank is single handedly destroying everything that credit builders/rebuilders work so *** hard to achieve with their greedy Mickey Mouse system. In a world where credit scores determine so many futures and outcomes, you're better off WITHOUT Synchrony Bank.

(Especially if you're trying to increase your scores to the 700-800 range.) Don't believe me? Do a little research before accepting a new line of credit from them. They close accounts in good standing due to lack of use/no use...WITHOUT NOTICE! = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

They decrease credit limits due to a lack of regular spending. = Increases credit utilization = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Their entire operation is a designed to FAIL the consumer. It may be in their terms and conditions, but believe me when I say that it doesn't matter how meticulous you are with paying bills, if you're not utilizing a fair amount of your credit lines issued, they will take them away, ultimately leaving you with the very thing you want to avoid with revolving credit accounts.

(high credit utilization) If you think you're doing a good job by maintaining a zero balance, think again. They will close the account. WITHOUT NOTICE and not even think twice about because it's automated. Closed CC Accounts = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

My experience? CareCredit limit reduced by $1500 to only $500 due to lack of regular spending or use...it's F'ing CareCredit! (I used it only for vet services.) Their response..."If you can find a Rite Aid, you can use it like a credit card." Unfortunately, I don't shop at Rite Aid. I never have.

Nor do I have any plans on doing so anytime soon if at all and I'm certainly not going to drive around looking for one just to keep my CARECREDIT account alive. That would be absurd. Another response was, "You can request a credit line increase." = HARD INQUIRY...NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Baers Furniture Card 1K closed due to lack of use.

They proposed that I reapply. Doing so would add a hard inquiry. = NEGATIVE IMPACT ON CREDIT SCORE! Yes, I'm pissed.

That's because building your credit score up is not easy and when these unnecessary changes happen, they can quickly drop your score and entire scoring category. (Very Good - Good or Fair - Good, etc.) While in the real world this may not seem like a big deal, I assure you that it most certainly is in the credit scoring world. It's one thing to decrease credit lines and close accounts to those who fail to pay their bills. However, it's another altogether to do it to those who meet and exceed payment expectations on a monthly basis.

Those who do a good job should be rewarded.

Their practices are unacceptable. I'm looking forward to a class action lawsuit.

Review about: Carecredit Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They have also been charging a $2-$3 monthly minimum fee on the interest free for 12 month balances. That was settled in a suit against another credit company and I cannot wait until they finally get hit with one.

They have taken over almost every card from carecredit to store cards. They are controlling the credit system and destroying it.

to TeacherMom #1567519

We're working on a case as I speak. Please send us your story to add to our growing list of complaints.

Remember, send nothing but your story of how you feel you were wronged... synchclassaction@gmail.com


yes-i've dealt with synchrony Bank-care credit(ge online) for years through our vet..i have multi cats and the card came in handy. BUT-theya re glorified loan sharks-i missed one payment-that is-didn't pay off the interest free 6 mos.

bill-and they whacked me big time-i make double payments and the bill is NOT going down! It's horrible the interest they are now charging. These are mafia-like tactics and they have to be stopped.!

I've read thousands of complaints on the internet on them-yet they still are in business and should not be-and their customer service is horrible! How can you pay them off?


How do we go about getting a class action lawsuit filed? I have suffered a similar experience and would like to get together with others to end this type of business practice.

Help. Please.


Im in. class action lawsuit count me in. same thing happened to me.


I am also in for a class action suit, they closed one account, and letting my credit limit on another. I have always paid on time. they dropped my credit score drastically.


Yes, they do. Synchrony bank has a history or doing this.

Google the internet folks. Synchrony bank does lower your credit cards without warning. It CAN harm your credit as this individual has stated. It happened to me recently, so I do know.

If you can avoid cards by synchrony bank Walmart cards, Care Credit, etc)...DO SO. Try Chase. Heck at least you have a better chance. My credit score went down because they lowered my limit from $2000 to $100 because I used card security when I was ill.

This is insurance that I and several others pay for. It is ridiculous. If they are going to do this...then they need to stop the insurance all together and give us our money back. I agree that a class action suit should be filed and i’m going to look into it.

Messing with folks credit is serious.

We need good credit scores to get credit...even synchrony bank card. Here is a link to my pissed Consumer moment and please look at the response I got from someone who possibly work at walmart: https://synchrony-bank.pissedconsumer.com/why-avoid-walmart-synchrony-bank-card-security-201808201334181.html


I'm in for a Class Action Lawsuit! They continue to monitor my accounts and drop my credit limit as I pay down my credit card.

This in turn impacts my credit score (lowering it) by affecting my percentage of credit card usage. I have called them to inquire why they ran a credit check without my authorization and got nowhere with their call center.

I advised them that I would be reporting to the Stste Attorney General's office and the BBB. I am sick and tired of Synchrony banks business practices and will join in on a Class Action Suit against Synchrony Bank!


Just closed my account. I would avoid them!


My credit has been lowered from good to poor due to this company. After paying a late fee of $25.00, I received a bill the next month for additional late charges didnot owe, now they are adding more late charges on to the the bill.


Friends don't let friends do business with Synchrony Bank. When a store offers you a credit card controlled by Synchrony Bank, run as if your life depends on it.


File a complaint! Stronger in numbers!

If everyone files the same complaint against them, maybe something will be done! https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/getting-started/


Same here! They are doing the exact same thing to me!

They lower my credit line, which dropped my score, then closed my accounts because my score dropped!

Class action law suit is definitely in need! I am definitely in if an attorney takes this on.


There is a definitely a problem with Synchrony Bank and QVC. First they dropped my limit from $1500 to $220.

I have bought items on QVC that never totalled over $220.


to Mausy d2516 #1539031

Why in the world would you get a QVC/Impulse Shopping Network Card? Of course your limit is going to be dropped.

You can't use that thing all the time like a regular card. Stop using it or only use it once or twice a year and yeah, they're going to drop your limit.

They have to get ready for the next crop of suckers who will actually over burden themselves with debt for a few doilies or ugly shoes. Good question to ask THEM but I'm guessing your payments are going straight to interest for such a ridiculous card.

to Mausy d2516 #1553074

To Synchrony Bank’s interest.


yes sue these {{REDACTED}}


ues me too# #mettoo have been duped by the synchrony credit bank. Lane Bryant, Avenue and my son and husband with Sam Ash Music and all of us with Amazon store card!!!

It is a weird game... a game that they have played with consumers that have used credit that have been offered and given, consumers that are paying on time and paying finance charges (interest) but they are penalizing them by annual reviews of credit, or their use of credit. One letter stated the loan to ratio limit was too high... I might add, nothing changed that year except I actually Paid off a credit card.

I charge a big ticket item (1000.) and took a year to pay it off. Then I was dinged with lowering my credit limit which then lowered my credit score 100 points! OMG, I actually could have just bought the item but I thought I might want to go from 655 to maybe 688 instead I went from 655 to 555! My kid has been paying 100 a month regularly on music equipment for 3 years on the card, has never missed a payment, had a credit limit offered of 6500.

for Sam Ash. Now that he has a balance of 2500,,, they lowered his limit to 2500 and gave him a BS excuse on paper. He doesnt plan to charge anything more.... but THAT alone Screwed HIM....

All of our payments are automatic and electronic...never late. This should be a class action suit if not an individual suit against Synchrony bank!.


yes this is what crooks do this is not a bank who helps at all but only destroys your credit score

to Anonymous #1518250

What reality do you and the rest of the loser gang come from? NO BANK is here to help you do anything.

They're here for your money. They ARE NOT here to help you build your credit through utilization games and other nonsense.I would imagine the only thing that's going to help you is time. Time for your credit dings to drop off.

Utilization is a small part of your score that shouldn't matter that much if the rest of your score is straight.Pull your credit, look for errors and have them removed. That'll help more in the long run than having silly store cards.

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