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I have been charged late fees in the range of $25-$35/mo ever since I began paying on this account. My payments were set up as electronic from my CU, sent automatically on the 15th.

They've been posting them on the 16th-19th, depending on what they feel like doing I guess.

I need to accept part of this blame for not keeping closer tabs on this account, originally about $2,100 charged. I finally got around to checking it because by my calculations it was ready to pay off. Nope. According to Synchrony I still owe $385.

In late fees.

At no point was there ever any attempt on their part to communicate these recurrent charges with me, electronically or otherwise by mail or phone.

The only time I'll hear from them is when I quit paying - which I'm doing now - or from their proxy bill collectors once they've charged me off. And no, I'm not going to contact them or discuss anything with them because I don't want to ruin my day talking to these ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Synchrony Bank Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $385.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Synchrony Bank Cons: Absurd late fees.

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I just had them do the same thing to me. In 50 years of paying bills, I have never had a late fee.

They didn’t bother to tell me. I did call them and they took it off because I had actually paid it on time.

It was an issue with when it was posted. This is not the first problem., Can’t wait to be done with them!


I have run into the same problem. Faithfully paid via phone on the due date.

System told me that payment will post today, yet I was blasted with $30 late charges. Continue to make payment but refuse to pay the late fees. Asked them to remove them since the system told me they would post today without specifying a date. Instead I have been getting phone calls from them, using 3 - 4 different numbers daily.

Totally unacceptable bully behavior. Completely avoid doing business with them.


they change how much you pay every month then they don,t tell you they are doing it see they can bill you for a late charge.i don,t know why Walmart uses thes people for there credit car


Horrible company out of India. They are the main creditors for most online retail companies in the United States.

I have never missed a payment or been late,Yet my credit report score has been butchered.

Just like one gentleman commented they appear to change the due dates at will and are a nightmare to deal with.If your thinking of financing a refrigerator or a Guitar think twice. Don't do it !


Just had the same issue setup payment with my CU, shows it posted on Due date but they posted on the following day thus incurring a late fee! They have the poorest customer service!


I just realized the same thing happened to me! Setup to pay electronically on the 16th of every month.

Made payments for a year and decided to pay it off. Made the final payment, then received a statement with a $40 balanced. I inquired and was told that I was late, and had been late every month. So yes, it's partially my fault for not paying attention.

I'm pretty sure it's a scam they run to a customer calls their bluff or corrects their electronic payment, due to Synchrony's long delay to the process.

Their customer service is outsourced to a foreign country, so good luck with that. I'll NEVER EVER do business with this shady bank again.


Yeah. I did get one call from them, in the first month, after I apparently paid less than the required amount, from some dude whose English was so broken and accented I could barely understand them.Unfortunately, it's not just this one bank. It's about any institution (in general) that we attempt to do business with in the modern day, i.e., predatory in their approaches to fees/fines, and skirting the limits of legality in terms of service.