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My account however, I have no idea when. They had my email address and emailed me about every other communication and request, when my online payment were received.

They would send my updates and notices that my password had changed, however no notice or letter that the account had been closed. Likewise, they close an account if you pay it off and don't use it for a while. Synchrony sucks!! They own the account of Care Credit which was also a "screw the customer over credit line", they are satan and I will never ever do business with them again.

I do pay my bills and try to pay them online... rest assured I will never do business with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Synchrony Bank Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They did same to me. They closed the account and were sending mails to wrong address.

They didn’t contact me through email as it was updated and all my information on Lowe’s account was also updated.

If they are managing Lowe’s they should keep up with their account information as well and should confirm address, phone number and email before closing account. I would not recommend synchrony for any type of transaction.


Same thing just happened to me today.. luckily I have Credit Karma and they notified me my Lowes account was closed..

confused I called and sure enough they closed my account and I have NEVER been late not one time!

Very disappointed in this company they could have at least called me, sent an email or text me BUT NO COMMUNICATION! How unprofessional of them bet they would have called if I would have missed a payment!


I had the same experience with Synchrony Bank, Never late always paid on time and the credit card was closed. And I wasn't charging anything on the card just paying it off.

Synchrony Bank is cruel no consumers should ever do business with this company. Another Pissed Off Consumer.


Same things happened to me. spent 1/2 on the phone with customer service talking to "Zach" who clearly did not understand why this had happened and just kept reading me the cancellation letter but couldn't put the whole thing in simple terms that made any sense.

after that frustration he put me on hold to talk to a supervisor and then disconnected me. Been a loyal Lowe's customer for almost 10 yrs but going to take my business elsewhere.


I bought a discounted refrigerator at Lowes in Alton, IL. on May 12th 2018.

it broke down on June 1st lost all food, on June 10th Lowes in Belleville, IL gave me a new frige credited my fathers account and put the new frige amount back on card (same amount) but Sychrony bank is saying the refrigerator was bought in April 2018 and says if not paid in full within 6 months they will charge 99% interest until paid. Lowes just sent out first bill on June 13th 2018.


I have many cards with them

I pay my balance in full and they just keep increasing my credit limits...


Hope you aren't basing your credit score around the utilization ratio. One false move and you're done. Do not stop using those cards on a regular basis.


David no employee cares if they closed your account. Pay your bills and they wont close your accounts


Mike, we paid our bill every month! Never missed a payment!

Sometimes we paid the entire balance off! We shopped at Lowe's every month and used our card. Then out of the blue, they close our account! Didn't even notify us about it.

We found out when my husband called the 800 number to hear our balance.

And so far none of their ignorant "customer service" people can give us one reason or bother to tell us why they did it! Maybe you should get off your high horse and stop criticizing others for wanting an answer to why Lowe's seems to make a habit of screwing good customers!


Mike, I pay all my accounts, bills on time, no lates and pay more than what is due, however, today I just found out my Lowes account that I have had for 6 years with perfect payment history was closed for no reason!


They did the same thing to me as well. 10 years never missed a payment!

I did however fall behind on my mortgage perhaps that is there reason. I'll be shopping at Home Depot!

Just got a 5k line of credit! I also post my story where I work and that's with over 100k employees and Getting new Home Depot accounts opened daily.


They did the same exact thing to me, I would spend close to 800-900 dollars a month with them. Good thing they built a home Depot in our town too.


This is one of the worst financial institutions we have ever worked with. They contract with Walmart.

When you get approved for a credit limit in store, you are allowed to use that print out credit one time. We canceled our credit card and have not been able to get information about our account to pay our Bill.

We contacted their customer service department and was treated like dirt.This is a total sham and one of the worst experiences ever! Do not get credit cards through them

@Rhea Doswell

Rhea, You can report them to The FCRA and your Attorney General's Office, which both help to protect people from being financially abused, discriminated against. It's the Law!

The FCRA was created to help and protect everyone but unless you report the companies that abuse, misuse their "power" or do not comply with the credit laws then you will allow them to get away with it.

Same thing for your Attorney Generals Office. He is there to help protect his State's residents.


You are much better off without this trash store card. They do not help your credit score.