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I am not a customer of Synchrony Bank and I would advise you not to be either. I had to call them because an automated message for one of their customers went to my voicemail.

I did not know this person and the message implied there would be further contact so I wanted to get this straightened out immediately for her sake and mine. I ended up having to make four (4) phone calls going through the automated system each time that wanted account numbers and type of account information. There was no option to get to a live person quickly: apparently they do not expect prospective customers or other non-customers to call. Here are my experiences.

#1 was going to connect me to the fraud department - at my suggestion. Instead I was disconnected. #2 was the sound of silence after the call was supposed to have gone to an agent. #3 was the sound for furious typing.

No one ever spoke or responded to my shouts of "Hello?" #4 actually transferred me to the fraud department and the woman there was able to go into the computer system and found that their customer's number had one number different from mine. She said she had corrected it while we were on the phone.

Nothing on the website appeared to tell a customer how to report a lost or compromised credit card. I hope that if you are a customer you have a better way to contact them if you need to.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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