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First of Synchrony Bank has become WAY too big. I cannot believe that they control SO MANY credit lines!






and I am certain the list is much longer.

I am in the process of paying off debt, lowering my balances below 50% of credit line limits to help strengthen my score, only to have Synchrony Bank lower the credit lines to just above the remaining balance to keep the overall percentages higher!

Here is just one example, although they have done this to me on EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT I have with them...

I have had a credit limit of $1200 on my Chevron/Texaco account for several years. Until recently, I have carried the balance over $1000, but just 30 days ago, paid off the entire balance as I use the card at the pump regularly because of convenience and because of the recent scams of "scam readers" at the pumps.

In less than a month, Synchrony has dropped my credit line to $260 when I had a $200 balance, which in California is about a month's worth of gas.

This practice cannot be right, especially with the fact that they have done this to every single one of my accounts with them where I have paid the balances down to less than 50% of the limits, where now, due to their actions, I am back to where I started, ALL of my balances are again at nearly 90% of my limits.


I am now going to do every thing in my power to bring action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Synchrony Bank Credit Card.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Synchrony Bank Cons: Totally disgusted with there strong arm tactics, Unethical.

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I completely agree. They have done the same to me. I feel attacked by them.




That's your first problem... Taking this personal.

This is business, business that YOU agreed to when you signed up for these joke cards.

Everything that's going on with you people is something you said you understood when you signed up and was there for the reading. Please tell me you read the agreement before committing to it or did you think this was the quickest way to a sustained boost in your credit?


Attacked? It’s business, not personal. Besides, store credit cards are unnecessary.


How can you say it's just business? When you're affecting people's livelihood, it's always personal, ***


Agree with the comments Synchrony Bank needs to be looked into by the FTC started lowering all of my credit cards to pretty much what I owe, never I mean never late on any of my payments get a letter stating missed payments etc which is a lie! this bank has messed up my credit so since they have decided to cut my limits I have decided to pay them what I can now, but I bet it will not be the minimum payment!! If everyone that has accounts with this bank stop paying the balances off that will deferentially get there attention and stop destroying people credit, and I'm pretty sure companies that use them will start looking into other companies to handle their credit services.


I agree. Synchrony Bank is horrible.

How did they get so dang big? Tonight I received a letter from them saying they were lowering my credit limit of 9,300 to 1,200. Mind you now, I did not have a balance. I charged 1 thing (JTV credit card) paid it off in 2 payments and that was it.

They've done this to my JC Penny card, Walmart and Amazon. They lower the limit to the point that its not even worth the hassle to have a credit card with the company. This can affect the credit score because if you had a balance you wind up at 90% of your credit limit. This is where this bank is shady.

Why do this to the consumer? Thank goodness I didn't owe anything on the card they lowered the limit on today. A class action suit may not go anywhere. Synchrony is in it to make as much money as they can.

The way this economy is heading and store closures, I am thinking credit cards will be a thing of the past soon.

I know this will affect my credit score; I closed two Synchrony accounts tonight, looking at the #3 and 4. #retiringsoonanyway.


I have paid off 2 of 3 Syncrony accounts last year. The 3rd account is Lowe's Home Imp and I had a 6 mo 0% interest purchase along with a few other purchases on the card.

At the end of the 6 mo's I attempted to pay off the balance only to have the payment constantly rejected. Bank verified that there was 10 times the amount needed to pay the check in my account and said to have them call for verification. Of course they didn't want to do that but were only interested in charging me the total interest on the purchase because it wasn't paid in 6 mo's. I lost it at this point and told them it would not be a good idea to try and charge me that $471.

interest charge. Well what do you know the problem was finally fixed and after 4 more calls to them they removed the charges and posted as paid.

Now I get a letter they are closing my account due to too many returned checks. After 12 yrs no late or missed payments I will no longer be doing business with Lowe's because they allowed this predatory lender to handle their accounts.


did the same thing to me...what recourse do we have....every accountbthey lowered my limit on and destroyed my credit for no reason.....now it looks like I'm.upside down on my payments when I paid every account off monthly...the entire balance...shame on them !!!


You don't NEED any of those things ; you look old enough to remember my favorite medium : cash. A check if it needs to be mailed.

Stop wiping yourself out trying to service debts. We can't deduct credit card interest like we once did from out 1040.

You lived for decades without them and can do it again. Same here.


That is horrible!! ...and FYI, while ...S.y.n.c.h.r.o.n.y finances HALF of all accounts, C.o.m.e.n.i.t.y finances the OTHER half.

Stay away from them too!! Some of the businesses that C........ handles are Mei.jer, Big.Lots, Victoria's..Secret, Pier.1, David's.Bridal, and MANY MORE!! What a frikking horrible way to do business!!

Pay it the rest of the way off, and cut up the that card!!! Good luck to you!


They are white collar crime at its highest level.. Very impressive credit card """scam"""" Corporation, they have consumers brainwashed, bound & gagged by their team of corporate lawyers & this 0% deferred-interest scheme which is the most ""dangerous"" credit skeme invented since subprime housing Lending but this scams even more profitable for the banks due to mandatory arbitration clauses & shady collection practices & credit reporting that put them in total control of your future income. Yes what mouth-watering American SHOPPER is not easily hooked by a giant 0% Hi there sweety :) hold my CC in your hand while you walk through 100+ retail stores, we'll hold the door open for you haha ( while our executive team sit on a private beach laughing sipping margaritas as their profits soar 35% on a laptop when ""any"" unsuspecting consumer's transaction goes wrong)


It's not crime ; it's consumer gullibility.


It is CRIME troll! And you either are benefiting from it or you're without a conscience or both!


That's exactly right, MrsHubbyD. If I didn't have a great wife already, I'd propose to you !


I had an Ulta Card and Comenity was the worst. I would schedule payments on the website and they were never processed.

I would talk to a customer service person one day and straighten it out and then when it would happen again, there was no record of me talking to anyone. SUCK!!!



What they’re doing is totally legal. All CC companies do it. They are in business to make money, not help you with your credit score.


Some credit card companies like Discover are ethical & build relationships with their customer base... Yes liability limiting is an item on the top of synchronous portfolio butt Get your facts straight Sand~blabla..

Synchrony is only out to set Frontline smiley faced 0% traps & ruin relationships on the "backend" by cheating on everyone like out of control boyfriend or girlfriend. Many consumers can't handle the speed or complexity of their Deferred-interest scam


You're embarrassed because you're foolish and you know it. Don't call people names.

You had a perfectly fair chance to read the entire program before signing up.

If you skimmed over or didn't understand it, it's 100% your own doing. People often hate those to whom they owe money.


Your comments are worthless as Anonymous