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My father was diagnosed with Dementia in August. His Neurologist advised us to get power of attorney and that dad can no longer drive.

Dad can not handle his personal financial business as he becomes confused and agitated. As his daughter and the financial minded one in the family (I'm getting my accounting degree) I stepped up to handle things. I contact Synchrony as dad has four credit cards with them, Care Credit, JcPenneys, Walmart and Sam's. I contacted Synchrony and explained who I was and my dad's situation.

I asked what they needed besides the P.O.A. to allow me and the family to handle dad's cards. Also an address to mail the paperwork. The unhelpful agent, who's first language was not English, kept repeating over and over that they could only speak the card holder!

I kept trying to explain about dad's Dementia, but he just kept chanting he could only speak to the card holder. I finally ended up screaming " WHAT PART OF DEMENTIA DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?" I then demanded to speak to a supervisor. The Supervisor was equally unhelpful and equally rude. I demanded to speak to his supervisor.

He argued with me about getting his supervisor. He finally relented and got his supervisor. I explained the situation to this supervisor and he begrudgingly gave me the mailing address to sent the paperwork and exactly what all we needed to send.

If your loved one has any Synchrony Bank cards and you have to take over their finances due Dementia or Alzheimer, I advise hiring an attorney. I also recommend avoiding their cards at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Synchrony Bank Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Develop a plan and put in place to deal with these sorts of instances..

Synchrony Bank Cons: Rude customer service.

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Thanks for posting this. I recently had to deal with their "customer service" people and had the same experience- rude, talked over me, didn't answer questions etc.

As my Dad's eldest child, I am taking care of him and need to make sure he doesn't have any of their accounts. God Bless you and your Dad


I'm so sorry about your Dad ; this must be awful for him and everyone who loves him. You're way beyond calling or e-mailing ; there is a structure of events which must occur in the proper sequence in order to alleviate the condition you have described.

Your error was to verbally engage with these people. All correspondence must be executed in writing and served via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.

Also, these accounts should be paid off in their entirety as soon as possible and permanently closed. If I were your friend or neighbor, I'd handle it for you ; I've had to deal with things like this myself and you've got enough on your mind as it is.


Custermer care centers for most banks these days are generally large call centers that contract to thousands of bank clients. The call center reps have no access to see paperwork like a power of attorney.

Also, as the CSR or supervisor is not an employee of the bank you're trying to reach, they can't inform you what paperwork is needed.

The first person you spoke with should have asked if your father was available to give permission to speak to you. I am a former call center csr.


Bunny- I was not asking them to LOOK at a Power of Attorney. I was asking for a mailing address or fax number so that I could send them the Power of Attorney so that they could work with me since there was no one but dad on that account.

I stated dad has DEMENTIA like Alzheimer's. Yet you just Polly-parroted what the know-nothings in the India called kept chanting "We can only speak to the card holder". Obviously with DEMENTIA dad's isn't able to handle his finances. If I tried to put him on the phone he'd become agitated and probably cuss out the CSR.

Your comment shows your complete and total ignorance.

You have proved that call centers only hire ignorant people with little to no education or common sense. Please go and get some education.


Amen! They are totally ignorant and most of them are arrogant and rude.

These billion dollar companies hire these people in other countries no less, to put people off as long as they can! And up until NOW many customers have NOT been following through and demanding results. They just listen to the idiots on the phone and assume they can't do anything about it! But people are waking up and realizing how we've all been scammed by these evil people who take full advantage of people who can't afford their services.

They are fully aware that more than half of cc owners are lower income that's why the interest rates are loanshark rates that should be illegal! We should ALL get together and collectively sue them!


Obviously she proves that call center only hires those with little to no education or sense. Her ignorant mentality is obviously showing as well as a lack of comprehension skills.


Your reply is more ignorant than her post. You're winning the foolish contest after starting out well.


If this is true why do they hire these non helpful people to take care of their customers? That makes ABSOLUTELY no sense!

You are basically saying these "customer service" employees have no idea how to help customers with important problems so they just read from or memorize a script to put people off as long as they can. Then when someone gets fed up and refuses to accept their lame bs explanations and demands to speak to supervisors over and over then they MIGHT get something done! Great to know. Now I know for sure what I have to do.

These huge banks and financial institutions will all have a day of reckoning and it will not be a good day. It's PATHETIC and sad to know that there are actually people out there who don't have a conscience and are comfortable scamming hard working, low income, elderly, disabled and young people just starting out, for billions of dollars and still sleep at night


They are headquartered in Atlanta Ga. and they don't care for anyone or anything but profit ethical or not.


Wow, Synchrony must have the most ignorant representatives , from whatever backward country they're from. If they can't understand, you're father;s illness, they have no business waiting on the public.

I have already shut down my accts.

with them, because of they're poor customer service. They deserve some lawsuits.

@T. Smiles

Yes and the reason they pay those people in other countries is because they don't pay decent wages because they don't have to and certainly no benefits. But that doesn't explain the ignorant employees here in U.S. because they do the same things the only difference being you can understand them better.