I was a good Amazon user but I managed not to get tricked into getting PRIME by clicking on a barely visible square box underneath a larger non-prime box when I Joined about 8 months ago.

I once ordered a bottle of Hosital grade dandruff shampoo with my Mastercard on file with Amazon (you must provide a credit card to be a member of Amazon). I figured, no problem.

A few days later I look up my credit card balance and I see a synchrony bank charge of $8.00 on my card.

Not from Amazon but from Synchrony bank.

A few days later the bottle arrived in good condition. At that point I was satisfied. A week later, I get an email from Amazon saying that my bottle was on its way . Huh?

I already bought one I thought.

It came in a few days later and I was angry for them pulling this off. I couldnt get a hold of Amazon or Synchrony. Neither answered their phones or emails so I took it as a gift as I had no way to get an answer (remember, the bank only has a 1.2 rating).

Two weeks later I get an email from Synchrony. The 2nd bottle was another $8.00.

(The one I never ordered). Two weeks later I get another email from Synchrony.

It said that if I didnt pay the $8.00 I would be subject to a $94.00 late fee

So I locked my credit card and sent them (the bank) a check as my Mastercard was in jeopardy of their charging the $94.00 to it.

I had enough so I tried to cancel my credit card and couldnt. Its a complicated process. Once it was locked anything else they tried would be denied and I called my credit card account company and asked for the same card but with different numbers.

They agreed.

I deleted my Amazon account from my apps page and wiped my hands of them. My Mastercard was no longer valid for them to play with so it was a relief.

A month later, Synchrony/Amazon sent me in the mail a $600.00 Amazon store credit card. I shredded it and tried to get them to get rid of it as they took it upon themselves, without my authorization. No permission, no contract.

Checked my Experian credit report and its good so they opened a store charge card account good for Amazon only! Without my signature!

My credit report took a hit. A hard hit.(lowered my credit rating) because of this. I now had a $600.00 extra charge account in good standing

I guess they realized that my Mastercard was no good so they sent me one of their own.

I charged nothing on that card and its still showing zero..

Could not get experian to delete it even though I filed a dispute with them

The Amazon store credit card is open and shows that my payments are on time with a zero balance.

I went and put fraud alerts at 3 different credit reporting agencies. Good for a year. Anybody who wants to see or try to use my store cards I have to give them permission.

Besides Sychronys extremely low approval rating they have $1.4 million dollars claimed losses reported by reviewers. Where did that money go?

Dont think you can get away from them either if you use store credit cards.

Most store credit cards like JC Penny, Sams Club Best Buy, Amazon and hundreds of retail clothing or Lowes or Home Depot stores. PayPal, EBay types use Synchrony because it appears that they only charge credit store cards.

So be very careful when using store cards. I give them a zero rating.

User's recommendation: Check who the bank is prior to using a store card.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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