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Armed with your identity information, culprits can apply for accounts that are already open and which have years of history. Your social security number can be used to apply for as many as 14 different merchants.

With each fraudulent application, Synchrony kept popping up. Your card can be reported lost or stolen and a new card requested to be sent to a different address. Once alerted to these fraudulent inquiries and activities by a monitoring service, you immediately notify Synchrony. With so many repeat calls, you would think they would "FLAG" your social security number internally, contact you according to the fraud alerts placed with all three (3) bureaus on your file prior to submitting to the credit bureau.

I certainly asked them to. This leads me to wonder what could Synchrony possibly gain by dolling out money to fraudsters, since they obviously do not devote resources towards loss PREVENTION? I request that the fraudulent activity be removed from MY credit card account history, from "MY" credit card activity (last known as ending in -0220 with a ZERO balance.

The culprit's card with a balance of $6700 and at a different address, should be assigned to John or Doe and not reflected as activity on MY account since 2014. Please, assign the fraudulent card and activity to a generic SSN and disassociate that as MY activity.

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