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I have a couple Department Store credit cards that are issued by Synchrony Bank. I have never been late or behind on any of these payments.

One day as I looked at one of the bills, I noticed that my credit limit had been lowered considerably. When I called the stores customer service, they told me that they had nothing to do with it and that it was Synchrony bank, so they gave me their number to call. When talking to their (synchrony) customer service, I got no where. They were extremely rude and condescending.

They told me that they "monitor" my credit report and they found it necessary to lower my credit limits. When I asked why would they do this if I was an outstanding customer to them (never being late, etc.), they didn't have an answer for me. And I asked them what gives them the right to stalk my credit especially when I was a good customer to them, no answer for that as well. So now, one by one, every store cc that is affiliated with Synchrony has had the credit limited lowered.

Not only is this extremely unfair to the consumer, but it's criminal! They lower the credit limit to about $20 above what your balance is. Therefore, this looks REALLY bad on your credit report! If your balances on your cc's are over a certain percentage of their limits, that ruins your credit.

How in the world can this be OK and legal? This company is ruining people's life's by screwing with their credit for absolutely NO reason!

Product or Service Mentioned: Synchrony Bank Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: My credit limits back and my credit score untouched due to their unauthorized stalking of my credit!.

Synchrony Bank Cons: Totally disgusted with there strong arm tactics, Customer service is a sham.

  • Sychrony Bank Fraud
  • Synchrony Bank Horrible
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"How in the world can this be OK and legal? " This is legal and the funny thing about it YOU agreed to it when you signed up for their cards or any other credit card out there.

They can do it anytime they want. For all you know, they may have been doing it to increase your limit and found whatever that made them do the opposite. Read and understand what you sign. Go online, read and understand how credit cards work in the real world and what they can and can't do.

They're in the game to make money. They only make it if you use the cards regularly and don't do anything to make them think you're going to leave them holding the bag if you get in over your head.

They understand you're trying to boost your score by holding on to their cards and other cards but the time comes when they want to move your line to someone who will use it and/or not be such a credit risk to them. If there was a massive drop due to your utilization score changing, the rest of your report either is bad or has errors that you need to fix.


I completely understand how credit card company's work and that they are in it to make money. What "business" isn't in it to make money?

This still doesn't make what they do OK. And they should possibly train their employees who handle calls from customers to be knowledgeable with such information and maybe we, the consumers, wouldn't get so frustrated. No where in the fine print does it say that "when we run your credit to check for credit line increases or decreases, we will purposely damage your credit". They never claim to hurt you in any way.

They typically claim to "protect the consumer" when they have to "check in" on your credit and/or change anything with your account. No where have I ever read that they knowingly will purposely screw you and your credit when they see fit and that there's nothing you can do about it. There definitely should be more laws to protect the consumer. No business of any kind needs to unethically screw people over to make a profit.

These are the things that need to be looked in to by whom ever monitors the operations of these thieves! PERIOD!