Everytime my score increases and I lower my debt, the drop my account limit and drop my score, the last, and 3rd account they lowered hours after making a purchase and caused my account to be negative. I have 100% payment history, and credit score is higher than when I opened any synchrony account.

They claim it is from derogatory credit mark, which was a bankruptcy that was filed and done years before they ever gave me an account. Will be off my credit this December, after 10 years. All since has been 100% paid. What I did to rebuild and restore my credit is now being manipulated and used against me when they had the same information and lower score.

Seems fraudulent, and is evil beyond measure!!! Shame on them!!

User's recommendation: Beware and stay away from this shameful company!!

Preferred solution: Stop defrauding your customers!! I want my original credit limit restored until I can pay them off... Should not be penalized for improving my credit and being in perfect standing with all accounts!!!! .

Location: Fairhope, Alabama

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