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I have been trying with no luck. I called the bank to up the money due and the agent took care of it, but I asked her a question on how much was the balance and when would it be paid off.

She was very rude and said the question you asked stated the bill would be paid off in 2024. That is not what I asked her and repeated myself and said Im sorry I said if we owe 4200. And pay 500. Per month when would that be paid.

Her remark was I am not doing the math for you and said it in a very Aragons way. I hung up on her as I will not be talked to by anyone like that. If she doesnt do that what is she in banking for? If she could not do it just say so.

Im done with being talked to by your bank personal. Nora Shelley

User's recommendation: Teach them manners on how to respond to customers.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Abingdon, Maryland

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