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As of this day forward, I am refusing to use/apply for ANY Synchrony Bank card. The 3 cards that I have under Synchrony accounts have had 0 balances for months and they decided to close my JCPenney's account that ALWAYS gets paid off as soon as the bill comes in??


They are truly hurting the stores that rely on them for their credit services. Bye-bye JCP.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You're actually lucky they canceled the card!! WARNING : CREDIT CARD IS NOT PENNYS IT'S SYNCHRONY BANK WITH PENNY LOGO ..

but Plz Plz RUN FAST & FAR from ""any"" store credit card backed by Synchrony Bank.. ~ seriously get out via written notification & cut the card up~ EXAMPLE Synchrony can & will slam you for around $1100 SURPRISE interest on a $1500 charge on a so called 0% deferred interest promo . Get the 0% picture out of your mind,,, it's a SUPER DANGEROUS FOR THE CONSUMER mind *** game, they play hard ball!!! ..

AND the contract few read & less understand but put their chicken scratch signature on anyway protects Synchrony not the consumer!!!! Why do you think they wrote it without any input from you other than your chicken scratch signature????? BOTTOM LINE "Deferred-interest promos" are the latest plague on the consumer credit system!!!!!!! Invented by corporations that know how to take advantage of consumers for maximum profit and all they need is an imaginary credit line some computers & 10,000 CSR's willing to suffer angry customers calls..

You have no idea how complicated these deferred-interest schemes are until you get bitten .. THE default penalty which can happen for any small reason is like being in a neighbor's yard & they let their Rottweiler loose on you because you did not get out of the yard in time & they won't bother to check if you got out cuz it's THEIR PLAYGROUND which in their mind gives them the legal right to be a heartless bully.. Your better off instantly transferring all ballance to a ""REAL"" Discover, Visa or MasterCard card offering a TRADITIONAL 0% promo to avoid potentially being trapped into a surprise!! surprise!!

surprise!! 35% interest Avalanche added to the original selling price of each product you purchase with the card.. YES unfortunately you're just another crab in a NASTY NASTY crab pot in the Synchrony 0% scheme when the CONTRACT behind the card finds a way for their legal team to open up a can of whoop *** on you & they Will all feast on your bank savings for dinner! AND can garnish your wages in some states to make sure they get a whole pie & yours for desert too..

Trust the community, look at the ratings, you can be very hurt if you don't. With non store credit cards you can call up near the end of their no trap door promotions & ask if they have extensions or new ones they're usually willing to sign you up which gives you plenty of time to pay it off without any retroactive knockout punch to your savings & credit rating from the deferred-interest promo credit card crooks