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After today, I am completely convinced that Synchrony Bank is the most horribly corrupt credit grantor in this world. My husband & I opened a credit account with Lowe's over 2 years ago, which was actually through Synchrony.

We have used this card to renovate our home in stages, always paying more than the minimum payment each month to take advantage of promotional zero-interest plans. We have done this faithfully & without fail for the entire 2+ years. Today, my husband tried to use his Lowe's card at the store for a $300+ purchase, as we are in the middle of a renovation project. It was declined.

We are well under our credit limit, so we were baffled by the situation. I called Synchrony's customer service number, & I was told that we needed to contact TransUnion - no other information would be given. We found out through our own investigation that last month, a medical collection account appeared on my husband's credit report & dropped his score by nearly 100 points, much to our surprise. We investigated the medical bill, & we found it to be a legitimate error that we have disputed with all credit bureaus.

However, Synchrony decided to pull a "random" credit score with the collection account listed, & regardless of our flawless payment history, they decided to close our Lowe's credit account without our permission!! After 2 years of perfect payments, we were left with a useless Lowe's card in the middle of a home improvement project. The customer service agent just kept repeating the same thing - "call TransUnion".

Not only are we stuck in the middle of a renovation with no credit to use as planned, we now have a closed account & a hard inquiry on my husband's credit score, which will drop his score even after the medical error is removed. Shame on you Synchrony Bank!!

Review about: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: Reinstate our account with Lowe's!.

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"Synchrony decided to pull a "random" credit score "

What's your point? When you joined up and agreed to their terms which you probably didn't read, they said that from time to time they would check up on you.

More than likely, they were peaking in to see about increasing your credit and found what you say is an error.

All credit cards and such do this.

They are correct, you have to contact the credit agencies to have it removed. They can't do it for you and won't just take you at your word not matter how many perfect payments you've made over the years.

This is business, stop taking it personal.

Thanks for posting a why everyone should check their credit once year.. It's free and costs nothing

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