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I purchased a ring for my wife three years ago and they called a phone number at JCPennys they said I was aproved for $3000 and they had a three year no interest promotion, I said sure and handed phone back to Jewelry person. Never told me about having to pay it off in 3 years or they would retro charge me the interest from the first payment, I paid auto bill pay and $ 30.

More them my minimum payment, never late. Now they put on my credit double and it says thT im $3000 over the limit. I callled them and they simply said I'm sorry you didnt understand there policy.

And I continue to pay $60.00 per month and they dontbsend it back and keep reporting me late and caused my credit score to go down 120 points. I want to sue these Utah con artists.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Credit Card.

Reason of review: Interest payment scam!.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Take away the double interest I wasn't told about..

Synchrony Bank Cons: Double my interest from the beginning of purchase.

  • Utah Extortionists
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Whose fault is that? What kind of jelly would put themselves on the hook for anything based on a random voice on the phone?

What kind of fool wouldn't pay a 3 year No Interest Loan (AKA 3 Years Same As Cash) in the first place? Yeah, this is your fault for not understanding what you said yes to. Secondly, it's your fault for not paying off this note in the first place. No reputable lawyer would touch this unless they just wanted to take your money.

YOU AGREED to this deal and failed. Thanks for the what not to do if you're an adult trying to conduct business post.

It will help others not do what you do. "You must work for them."