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I opened up credit card through Steinmart and because I did not use my Synchrony Bank credit card for 5 months, they decreased my credit limit causing my FICO to decrease by 19 points. I hate SYNCHRONY BANK!!! BEWARE!!!

Review about: Synchrony Bank Credit Card.

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Let me guess, you opened a bunch of store credit cards hoping to juke your credit utilization score.

Work well for a minute until someone got tired of not making money off of you and dropped your limit.

Now hear this, this bank and others aren't in the credit score raising business. Their cards are like a bar, if you're not drinking you're out of there.

You can't blame them because they're not supporting your lame scheme.

Find a better way to bring your score up that doesn't include having a bunch of store cards.

to Anonymous #1430587

No...know it all (know nothing) your assumptions are completely inaccurate. Quit trying to advise on a situation where you have not extrapolated all facts.

FYI my purpose on opening this horrible SYNCHRONY bank card was to save 10% on my purchase, ding ding ding you got that one incorrect! My FICO score IS IN THE HIGH 700’s, not trying to boost it brainiac.

Use your brain next time and research all the *** reviews and stunts and covert tactics SYNCHRONY BANK uses to screw people over. Oh wait, you work for SYNCHRONY BANK right!!!

to Anonymous 007 #1430746

LOL sure you do. Most people with scores like you claim are smart enough not to open up a store card for a 10% discount.

Discounts are sucker bait to get the lames to apply for cards.

The interest along outstrips any perceived value of the discount.

Most people with credit scores you claim don't sweat a 19 point drop.

A drop that could only come if your credit utilization stats are way off.


"You must work for (insert company)" is one of the first signs of a liar and loser who has nothing better to do than post on a public board and whine when someone calls them on their nonsense.

to Anonymous #1430805

Wrong, you know what they say about assumptions. Your advice is useless and unsolicited, so stay in your lane.

I know you have endured a horrible career at SYNCHRONY BANK, but that’s not my problem. And a fico drop of 19 points is significant. You need to do some further research on “your” company synchrony bank, they have so many negative reviews.

They will not last long in the industry. They will tank like Sears did because of their (“your”) poor customer care.

to Anonymous 007 #1523413

Where did anonymous go? Another disgruntled Synchrony Bank employee lashing out out legitimate negative customer reviews.

Being chastised for wanting to save 10%, calling it retail bait. What an idiot he is, stay in your lane little fella, no one asked for your worthless opinion in this matter!

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