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I have an account with this bank threw conns. Now I NEVER had or have a problem.I got a card threw walmart same bank.

Well everything was fine payed my bill 2 months in raised my credit limit. Then it got bad. I called in could not access my account found out someone changed all my security answers!!!!! I only know that cause someone tried to put over 400 on my card online.

I told them to change EVERYTHING back to my answers and close out that card. Well the fraud department did that did another card. I called said i never got my card! The fraud department got on the line said it was sent to my california address.

I live in Arizona. They cancelled that card. Said it was changed minutes after new card was done. I said DON'T let no one change my info again!.

I was told if someone calls in and knows my info they wont stop them. I told them CLOSE my account. I told you people many times fraud is bring done and it is a inside job.

I reported them to the the cfpb and the company said " i never got back to them" Bull pucky!!!!!! Trying to covet there butts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Synchrony Bank Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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