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Synchrony Bank closed my Lowes account with no notice. I have never missed a payment, always paid more then the minimum due, have over a $5000 dollar limit, and over 800 credit score.

Bounced an extra payment, not even the actual payment. I was paying the bill off and my husband bought something with out telling me and did not transfer any money from our savings to cover the lowes payment and they closed my account.

Been a loyal customer for well over 10 years. I will never step foot into another lowes nor will I ever get another credit card from Synchrony Bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They did the same thing to me because I had a different Synchronicity account that I was having a dispute with and I won the next thing you know they closed my Lowe’s account.


that is the best thing that could have happened honestly. the sooner you get away from Synchrony the better.

Their billing activity does not add up to the balance on the bills, and you will find upon investigation, that you will never see where they come up with their "balances"... Fraudulent billing practices,,, randomly generated "balances"... no means with which to investigate where they come up with the balance.

Add up all the activity for the month, plus the interest charge, and the balance is still 400 dollars more than the billing activity... something is fraudulent.


They did the same to me!


I’m so upset they did the exact same thing to me, went to buy something at the store and got declined and when I called them they said to wait for a letter in the mail. I was never late , made all my payments on time. Now I’m gonna wait on this letter


They did the same to me after 15 yrs as a loyal customer. Ugh


Well, here is a good one. Synchrony bank closed my business account today.

Not that I owed any money on it, not outstanding or late in payments ever. Here is the reason why. They closed it due to "No recent activity on the account. Number of months since last purchase on this account".

I get it don't use an account in 18 months or 2 years close it. I haven't used this account since October of 2018 and paid the bill in November 2018. The letter on the account closure was dated May 23, 2019. (six months since activity of recent activity, seven since purchase).

I've read so many others that have been closed, I am beginning to wonder if this bank is going out of business and trying to close as many accounts as they can before they are stuck on the hook for balances. Who closes an account of a company that pays its bills every month?


Dear BB and Anonymous, At Synchrony Financial, we understand that bad things happen to good people. In the event we receive an item such as a payment for processing, the bank allows for two separate time periods for a ACH to clear as a courtesy for our customers.

In the event a payment does not clear and is returned, you will be assessed a returned item fee and the account is automatically in default. Synchrony has the right to close your account at any time and for any reason with or without notice to you as provided in the contract you agreed to when you opened the account. You agreed to this disclaimer when you opened the account.

We have no liability to you. If you have any additional questions, please contact the phone number on the back of your card.


You are obviously a drone for their scamming company. Because essentially what you just stated is that just because we state in the micro tiny print in our contracts that we have the right to do ANYTHING we feel like doing to our customers, we are RIGHT to close your account even if you have made every payment on time, pay more than the minimum required, never go over my limit, in other words a perfect customer, even though the other statements in our contracts say that if you make payments on time and pay at least the minimum due we will have a good business relationship and we never mention that if you don't use your card a certain number of times per month we will delete your account or any of the other hundreds of complaints our customers have reported.

We are well within our RIGHTS to scam you and charge you outrageous fees and fines even when you've done nothing wrong. We can and will deceive you and when you call our customer service reps they will repeat ignorant statements we have scripted for them designed to put you off and thoroughly frustrate and confuse you to the point you will simply give up and give in. The problem with this is billionaires do NOT have the right to do this MORALLY or LEGALLY! They totally rely on their ignorant underpaid customer service reps to frustrate and confuse their customers.

They rely on their many corporate attorneys to handle the millions of complaints they receive yearly, to again, put their customers OFF by lying to them so that they won't push forward with an actual litigation, since so many customers are illiterate when it comes to the laws that govern business practices and they CANNOT afford to pay an attorney. Bottom line? If you want to stay in business you need repeat, loyal customers. And scamming and mistreating customers is NOT the way to do it!!!

Sam Walton was a very successful business man because his philosophy was the customer is ALWAYS right and they come FIRST!

Sadly his children don't seem to agree and Wal-Mart is losing business every day. Just saying...


Synchrony Bank did the exact same thing to me. Paid on time, every month and was never late. Closed account with no warning or explanation.


This is why you read the fine print; to make sure you're not agreeing to get shafted by a group of *** sitting in an office making decisions about your financial future that you have no say in. Bad idea.


I went in to buy furniture a week ago, and the Admin Assistant verified that I had $3500 available. I went back in to make the actual purchase, and Synchrony had closed the account.

They couldn't tell me why; they thought it might be because I hadn't used it in a couple of years. It was just odd that they closed it right after I checked what I had available.

Glad I had another "real" credit card in my wallet. They're weird.


The absolute same thing just happened to me today. I paid this card off 3 days ago.

Always on time, made way over min payments monthly.

I was appalled feeling punished by paying on time. I do not understand!!


Same happened to me. Always paid on time,never late.

Paid off balance.

Now 2 months later they close my acct. Never going to Lowe’s again!’n


Same happened to me! Had their card for 3 years.

Would make smaller $400-500 purchases then pay it off within the 6 months 0 interest period. Paid the card off just 2 weeks ago and today received a letter that they closed my account. I have never been late and ALWAYS paid WAY over the min due. Punishment for being a good customer???

I honestly feel it’s because I did pay it off so quickly, they weren’t getting the interest from me. Their loss, I’ll NEVER use Synchrony again.


exactly RIGHT. They can't make money if you're not carrying a balance.

The only people they can make money off of are the one's who can't afford to have a credit card and don't understand how it works enough to realize they can't afford it. Credit cards are only good for one thing and that is to use them LIKE cash so that you don't have to carry a lot of cash in your pocket , and pay the balance off every month.


they have monopoly Synchrony bank is been bias against the mddle class also how in world did they get all of these accounts the credit system is rig by these big corporations that control the credit rating first it was 7hundreth then it was 750 now they jack it up to 8 folks don't sit with your hands doing nothing file complaints against these companies call your local political rep. your senator 7 THE ONES THAT ARE IN THE FINANCE committee enough is enough blog them until you can't anymore tell friends not to do buissness with Synchrony bank.


They are doing the same thing to me with my Lowes, Big Lots and QVC. When I call, can't get an answer by the so-called rep. Not a happy camper!


Same thing happened to me, we need a class action lawsuit going. I also suggest EVERYONE filing a complaint with the BBB.


Synchrony also closed my account for no reason and with no notice after my account was paid off. They obviously don't need or want anyone's business here in the US so I would advise avoiding them like the plague.


"Bounced an extra payment, not even the actual payment"Ahhh I see. So you admit bouncing a check with them but try to minimize it because it was just and "extra payment."That's not how it works.

They don't care if it was an extra payment or not. All they know is you bounced a check and cost them money.This probably made them look into your credit.

Something there told them to shut you down.I'm curious as to why someone with an 800 credit score would deal with a store based card. Please don't tell me you think some low ball discount is worth the hassle and interest that comes with this bank.People with 800 and a reasonable cash flow use regular credit cards from banks the give points and such.Hmmmmmmmmmmm